Why Saskatchewan

Canada’s prominent position in the world potash industry derives almost exclusively from Saskatchewan. With more than a third of global potash production and nearly half of known deposits worldwide, Saskatchewan continues to be a world leader.

Saskatchewan is well known for its multiple thick seams of consistently high-grade potash. As a result, the product is not only high quality, but requires a relatively low cost to extract – proven through 50+ years of mining. With the employment of solution mining, Saskatchewan can expect long and prosperous production, with a minimal footprint.
Well-developed infrastructure, a stable (and supportive) geopolitical environment, and easy access to international markets (in particular, the United States) make Saskatchewan the logical choice for serious resource development.

Benefits Overview

  • nearly 50% of known deposits worldwide
  • consistent high-grade potash, multiple thick seams
  • proven low-cost continuous mining
  • small footprint and long mine life (solution mining)
  • excellent access to US and international markets
  • well developed infrastructure
  • predictable freight to tidewater
  • geopolitical stability
Saskatchewan Crown Reserve Staked Land Positions 2005

Potash 1.0 – Start of Land Rush Era
Originally ~ 800,000 acres
Crown potash reserve wide open
Extensive land staking rush
New players with limited geo-tech knowledge

Saskatchewan Crown Reserve Staked Land Positions 2012

Potash 2.0 – New Production Era Emerging
Currently ~ 11 million acres
Focus on Solution Potash Production
New technology emerging
Updated methodologies
Much land returns to Crown