Saskatchewan Potash Economics

Typical Saskatchewan Solution Potash Mine Economics

Capex Per tonne ($Cdn)

  • Primary Mining: $881/t
  • Secondary Mining: $167/t
  • Total: $1,048/t

Operating Costs Mine Mouth ($Cdn)

  • Process Plant* $56/t
  • Mine Operating* $11/t
  • Total: $67/t

Corporate SG&A: $13/t

Transportation Costs (FOB Vancouver ): $45/t

*Operating costs assume water costs of $0.55/1m², natural gas $5/GJ, power $.05/kW & $5.85/Kva demand

*Costs are based on the typical solution mining approach. Gensource Potash Corporation is driving towards dramatic improvements

Typical Saskatchewan Solution Mining Math


Gensource Potash Corporation is developing approaches using proven techniques to:

1. Extract up to 10 times the resource from the same area, compared to conventional mining

  • be a much more responsible steward of the province’s resource

2. Leave near-zero salt tailings on surface

  • reduced environmental concern and much lower handling costs

3. Dramatically reduce fresh water consumption

  • environmental advantage and lower cost

4. Dramatically reduce energy consumption per tonne of product

  • lower cost and carbon footprint