Why Gensource

Rising to the Challenge

With an increasing global population and growing demand for higher crop yields, potash, as a key component of a balanced fertilizer, continues to garner the interest of the international community. A number of key industry players are poised to capitalize on the rich deposits in Saskatchewan. But even for large corporations with large coffers, starting a new project can be a taxing and resource-heavy proposition.

Gensource’s world-class management team leverages extensive experience in taking potash projects in Saskatchewan from start-up to production. Currently, we have two strategic and highly desirably potential mine sites in the development stage. Our continuous focus on delivering the highest grade and volume of potash drives ongoing research into the latest high-efficiency mining technologies.

Our interests don’t end when the mine enters production. Vertical integration with the end-user allows us to achieve optimal efficiency and value for all stakeholders. We combine our execution expertise with strategies for market access and distribution, and ongoing financial capability from the start of the project. This ensures short payback, high IRR and a long, healthy project life cycle.